sabato 21 aprile h 23.00 ~


Rian Treanor (GB)

Rational Tangles For Nord Micro Modular

sound performance

Rational Tangles For Nord Micro Modular is a series of structural sound processes composed by Rian Treanor for the Ex GAM space. Exploring anti-symmetry, pattern modulation and oblique digital synthesis, forcing dynamic contrasts between density, tonality and locality. Treanor’s sound bends computer music to a weird analogic and humanistic softness. His ever-shifting envelope shapes all act to create an anti-evocative sound space.

Rian Treanor is an artist and producer based in the north of England. His sound practice re-imagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music, presenting an insightful musical world of fractured and interlocking components. Treanor is a disruptive new voice in British underground music. After his debut album A Rational Tangle and his 2nd EP Pattern Damage released on The Death of Rave, in 2018 the Warp sub-label Arcola, usually reserved for the rarer sort of content, relaunched with his Contraposition. His hexagonal and half-stepping bleep-bass mutations rewire hyper-chromatic UK garage and pointillist footwork. Recent live shows at GES-2 Moscow, Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin, Berghain Berlin, OHM Berlin, Cafe OTO London, Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts Empty Gallery Hong Kong, Summerhall Edinburgh, as well as taking part in artists residencies at yU+co[lab] in Hong Kong and with Counterflows in India.