saturday 21 april – 9pm ~


Leandro Nerefuh/Libidiunga Cardoso/Cecilia Lisa Eliceche/Caetano (BR/GA)

Orphic Exuberance versus Solar Capitalism. Transambient Cryptolombra

performance, coproduction Xing/Live Arts Week

Transambient Cryptolombra is the new episode of Orphic Exuberance versus Solar Capitalism, a project orchestrating text, live sound, movement research, costumes and sculpture by Leandro Nerefuh/Libidiunga Cardoso, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche and Caetano, articulated in several steps and formats of a complex investigation. Orphic Exuberance versus Solar Capitalism is a research in cultural narratives relating to the Sun and the feelings it generates of ‘exuberance’ (often related to ideas of tropical subjectivity and art), and ‘cosmic anxiety’ (often related to the uncertainty of the future of planet earth for humans). Solar Capitalism is when the worldwide integrated capital takes hold of the solar myth: the rotten sun, the movement of the earth, water tides, all animal coitus become a capitalist machine, and even cosmologies are colonised. Orphic Exuberance is the desire to take the Sun in one’s own bare hands. The work is based on historical materials that span from the Aztec myth of the 6th Sun, to the philosophy of the Solar Rattle (Reza Negarestani), to the Rotten Sun (George Bataille), to the Black Orpheus, to the suprematist opera Victory Over the Sun and the Russian Cosmists, to Campanella’s novel Sun City and similar utopias, to the orphic poetry of Waly Salomão, and it is played out to the public by avatars or entities that stem from a Brazilian tradition of the trickster.

Leandro Nerefuh/Libidiunga Cardoso is a research-based artist whose work deals with formal translations of historical narratives, with a special interest in Latin America. Through installations and exhibitions, workshops and performances, public sculptures and agit-prop experiments often devised for specific contexts, he tackles the question of Brazil’s (post)colonial legacy using historical material that he translates into a variety of forms. He
lives and works in Sum Paulu, Brazil. He studied History of Art at Goldsmiths College, London, graduating in 2007, and holds an MRes in Humanities and Culture from the London Consortium. Since 2009, he has exhibited internationally in institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo; Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw; W139, Amsterdam; 30th São Paulo Biennial; Museum Reina Sofia, Madrid; ICA, London; Festival Sesc and Videobrasil, Rio de Janeiro; CCCB, Barcelona; Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Bruxelles; III Aichi Triennale, Toyohashi. Libidiunga is also the co-founder of PPUB, a political party active in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Caetano, visual and sound artist from Brasilia, lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated in Audio Visual at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and Computer Science in Brazil. His work explores the legacy of cybernetics in relation to ideas of automation and conscience, always having the human body as central. Since 2011 he has been involved in the Radical Software movement, and in artistic processes that work towards people, showing the dystopia of a global society verging on collapse. His work has been performed and exhibited at STEIM and Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, IMPAKT festival in Utrecht, MediaPrado in Madrid, MEXICO Project Space in Leeds, Showroom Mama in Rotterdam. Caetano collaborated with The Pirate Bay at the Internet Pavillion at Venice Art Biennial 2009. He has also collaborated in interactive projects for bands such as Placebo, and for institutions as the Banff Institute, Canada.

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche is a Argentinian dancer, choreographer and dance advocate based in Brussels.
In her country she studied ballet and contemporary dance, agriculture and farming. In Europe since 2004, she graduated from PARTS in Brussels, and from DAS Choreography in Amsterdam. She works as a freelancer with choreographers Eleanor Bauer, Heather Kravas, Claire Croize, Etienne Guilloteau, DD Dorvillier. She is fascinated by the endless potential of the body and movement and conceives dance as a site to experiment and rethink notions of ‘democracy’, ‘community’ and ‘the political’. Among her works are Unison, Cow’s Theory, Orpehus. As an alternative to the standard creation process she has developed an ongoing series of Dance Concerts and Dance Offerings, in which she explores choreographic, political, social and process-based themes in an evolving dynamic format. The Non-Massage Dance and Touching Sessions are another expression of her commitment to challenging typical modes of production, in search for new forms and collaborative constellations.

concept and performance Libidiunga Cardoso, Caetano, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche
text and research Leandro Nerefuh
special guest Bartira
costumes (Clovis culture):
MARINHERIN adapted from orginal design of ‘Turma os crias’, 2014
MI MAMA ME MIMA adapted from original design of ‘Turma união realengo’, 2016
ENCARNADO RUBRONEGRO original design Libidiunga Cardoso, 2018
SURRUPIRINHA adapted from Turma unknown, 2008
co-production Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussels), wpZimmer (Antwerp)
residency partners Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussels), wpZimmer (Antwerp), Stuk (Leuven), Nadalokal (Vienna), KVS top (Brussels)
programming partners Centrale Fies, Dro 2017, Xing/Live Arts Week VII, Bologna 2018, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels 2018
special thanks to kika, gó e maria (a xeretinha), lu mugayar, cidinha, camila prima, aninha, dj vinicius variações, marssares, solo shows, seu hélio (oráculo de realengo)