Xing presents the seventh edition of Live Arts Week, which takes place in Bologna from 18th to 21st april 2018.

Live Arts Week VII returns to the spaces of the Ex GAM, the former historic Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna, the central hub of this new Performance Week which also involves an ever-widening group of spaces, organizations and institutions active in the field of contemporary arts.

The 2018 program is shaped on volumes of varying density and character, playing on different gradients and conditions of experience. An intense aesthetic and ecstatic crossing, a liberating flight from and of the body, following an artistic research that moves between obstinacy and displacement.

Unique in Italy, this event dedicated to live arts, hosts a blend of new productions that revolve around the presence, performance and perceptual experience of sounds and visions, with a program that offers a calendar of live works (performances, environments, concerts, expanded cinema with unique dates, productions and previews) presented by important personalities in the international and contemporary research scene.

Gianni Peng, a name that will accompany the festival in its organic growth, indicates the time of these transitions. It is a phenomenon, not a person: a new identity, unlikely but real, to be treated as an abstract concept.